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WorldVentures Hosts BootCamp Training Event in Dublin, Ireland

WorldVentures Hosts BootCamp Training Event in Dublin, Ireland
WorldVentures, the leading direct seller of global travel and leisure club memberships, drew more than 2,775 attendees to BootCamp a major training event in Dublin, Ireland from June 7-9, 2019. BootCamp brings WorldVentures Independent Representatives together from markets around the world to advance their skills, recognize their accomplishments and provide incomparable business training.
“We kicked off our first BootCamp event in Dublin and provided training for thousands of attendees who are now uniquely positioned to make an impact on the lives of others,” CEO of WorldVentures Josh Paine said. “We’re a purpose-driven community and are giving our Representatives the tools and training they need to make strategic, long-term decisions about their business and future.”
In addition to providing training for Representatives, WorldVentures events positively impact local economies through increased hotel, dining and activity spending. BootCamp’s 2,776 attendees stayed an average of three nights for the event. According to Budget Your Trip, visitors to Dublin spend approximately $118 per person, per day, making an overall financial contribution of more than $982,704 to the economy in Dublin during the weekend of the event.

Rovia and Tourism Cares Give Back to Anaheim

Rovia and Tourism Cares Give Back to Anaheim
Team leaders from Rovia, an industry-leading travel and lifestyle service provider offering turnkey solutions for business partners and membership-based travel companies, joined Tourism Cares to assist with The Giving Farm and Solutions for Urban Agriculture, Bracken’s Kitchen, and Helping Hands.
The service initiative is designed to offer innovative solutions to some of the pressing food security, public health, ecological, workforce and educational needs facing urban environments. Volunteers assisted with a variety of farming tasks that include planting, weeding and harvesting of the produce on the farm.
“We’ve been able to host more trips to this region, encouraging tourism in this area, increasing the level of interest to this destination, and thereby impacting the income and welfare of this community,” President of Rovia Jim Menge said. “We’re proud to be a sponsor of Tourism Cares in Anaheim. Anaheim has been an important destination for our members around the world. We’ve built lasting and meaningful partnerships and relationships with key business partners in Anaheim and consider them part of the Rovia family.”
This experience is designed to bring attention to the area and support Anaheim as a vibrant and viable travel destination.
“I’ve been able to see firsthand the impact of improving access to nutritious food for communities here in the U.S.,” Menge said. “In the process, I’ve discovered more about food security and the needs around harvesting food in sustainable environments. I am honored to give back to a place that I have visited, which has brightened my travel experience with new friendships and new experiences.”
Rovia is customer-centric and community-focused and understands that improving the circumstances of people around the world is fundamental to their outlook and perspective. The service projects initiated by Tourism Cares speak to Rovia’s core values and the character of the company.

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