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Rovia and Viva Voyage Focus on Cruise Experiences in South Korea and Japan

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Rovia and Viva Voyage Focus on Cruise Experiences in South Korea and Japan
Following the recent announcement of a new collaboration with Viva Voyage, RoviaƔ, LLC, an industry-leading and award-winning travel and services provider, is exploring inter-port and open jaw cruise opportunities boarding, departing from or arriving in South Korea and Japan for travelers in Asia Pacific.
“Pursuing curated and highly differentiated cruise experiences in Asia will allow travelers in-region to book unique opportunities they cannot find anywhere else,” Rovia President Jim Menge said. “This is just the beginning of a thriving partnership and as we continue to explore the region, we will develop a robust inventory in Asia, Europe and destinations around the world.”
A travel leader offering high-caliber experiences on the world’s most luxurious cruise lines, Viva Voyage is building strong relationships with top travel industry vendors in Europe and Asia-Pacific to bolster Rovia’s cruise portfolio.
“We’re committed to expanding and enhancing experiences in Asia to give travelers more opportunities to cruise and find out all about what Viva Voyage and Rovia have to offer,” Viva Voyage Geoffrey B. Silvers said. “It’s all part of offering unique world-class experiences in Asia Pacific that can’t be found anywhere else.”This focus on S. Korea and Japan is the first step in expanding and refining Rovia’s award-winning cruise packages, so the company can combine competitive pricing and sought-after itineraries in Asia. Rovia and Viva Voyage anticipates the focus will add value to the online booking and travel membership in region.

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