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WorldVentures Expands to Namibia and Zambia

WorldVentures Newsroom
WorldVentures Expands to Namibia and Zambia

In 2018, WorldVentures™, the leading direct seller of travel and leisure club memberships, embarked on unprecedented global expansion, a move designed to provide more people around the world with the opportunity to travel.

This month, two new countries in Africa have been added to the company’s portfolio: WorldVentures Marketing (Namibia) Pty Ltd. is now open in Namibia, and WorldVentures Marketing Zambia Ltd. is open in Zambia. WorldVentures has offered DreamTrips to Africa, accounting for more than 9,100 rooms booked from 2016 to 2018 alone, a total room inventory of over 13,000 and more than 23,000 room nights.

The announcement means that people in Namibia and Zambia with entrepreneurial ambitions can join Independent Representatives across the globe who earn income by selling WorldVentures’ flagship product, the DreamTrips™ Membership.

“We’re honored to welcome two new countries in Africa to the WorldVentures family,” CEO of WorldVentures Josh Paine said. “One of the greatest assets of this company is to give people a way to realize their potential and a space to celebrate their accomplishments. We’re grateful that the culture, determination and enthusiasm of people in Namibia and Zambia align with the character of our company.”

DreamTrips Members in Namibia and Zambia can enjoy professionally curated travel opportunities — near and far — and access to a loyalty program at select restaurants, spas and entertainment venues around the globe. Adding Namibia and Zambia is expected to bolster the region’s economy through business opportunities and increased tourism.

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