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WorldVentures Foundation Presents a DreamStation to Oklahoma County Boys & Girls Club

WorldVentures Newsroom
WorldVentures Foundation Presents a DreamStation to Oklahoma County Boys & Girls Club

On Thursday, November 15, WorldVentures Foundation Executive Director Sophia Stoller and lead fundraiser Laura Salisbury presented a DreamStation containing 12 Chromebook™ notebook computers to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County during a volunteer event at TelStar Elementary in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma ranks near the bottom of U.S. states for households with broadband internet connection, a disparity affecting 31% of Oklahoma’s population. The absence is especially significant for kids and teens who rely on the internet and digital technologies for educational development, personal empowerment and socialization.

“Technology is an important educational resource for kids and teens and creates opportunities for learning and career development,” said Stoller. “With access to the internet and digital technologies, Club members can build their computer competency, enhance their digital literacy and create a path for academic success through online educational programs, research opportunities and access to information.”

Earlier this year, the WorldVentures Foundation™ introduced the DreamStation program to create opportunities for education and technological development for children and teens at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. DreamStations are mobile storage units that can secure and charge up to a dozen laptops or tablets at once.

In 2019, WorldVentures Foundation will present additional DreamStations and notebook computers to Boys & Girls Clubs around the country, which serve 4 million young people ranging in age from 6 to 18.

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