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Rovia and SOR Technology Offer Unique Rewards Platform for DreamTrips Members in Asia

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Rovia and SOR Technology Offer Unique Rewards Platform for DreamTrips Members in Asia

Plano, Texas — September 18, 2018 — Rovia™, an industry-leading travel and service provider, has is collaborating with SOR Technology, LLC to develop a robust rewards platform to enhance the travel experiences and membership benefits for DreamTrips Members in Asia. Rovia is the fulfillment partner in 34 markets for DreamTripsÔ, a travel and leisure club where members around the world enjoy customized travel opportunities and valuable deals at select restaurants, hotels, excursions and entertainment venues globally.

Scheduled for a September release, the new digital platform created by Rovia and SOR Technology, LLC allows DreamTrips Members in Asia to take advantage of rewards credits on hotels, car rentals, weekly stays and activities; and offers deals on flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, weekly stays, and activities. Platinum Members also receive access to vacation in home stays, as well as sailboat and yacht experiences.

DreamTrips Rewards, accessible through the website, features deals in-language, and displays pricing in local currency. Members can also pay and process payments in their currency online.

“Collaborating with SOR Technology is key to providing in-language country-specific benefits to our travelers around the world, so they can leverage the full value of the membership,” President of Rovia Jim Menge said. “This new platform enhances Rovia’s existing robust ecosystem that exponentially increases membership value and accelerates the loyalty and rewards platform in Asia.”

The DreamTrips Membership appeals to travelers in international markets, and provides unique travel benefits and perks to its members, as well as the opportunity to have shared experiences traveling the world together.


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