WorldVentures Hosts UNITED Training Event in Los Angeles

WorldVentures, the leading direct seller of global travel and leisure club memberships, drew more than 7,401 attendees to UNITED, a major training event in Los Angeles, California from April 12-14, 2019. UNITED brings WorldVentures Independent Representatives together from markets around the world to build business and leadership skills, recognize accomplishments, and boost team collaboration.

“Each year at our international convention, we celebrate diversity, recognize Representatives for operating businesses of integrity, and provide transformational business and leadership training,” CEO of WorldVentures Josh Paine said. “Our global community of entrepreneurs are inspired by a commitment to excellence. They have put first things first and, through training, have invested in themselves, developing the skillsets to create businesses driven by purpose and sustainability.”

In addition to providing incomparable training for Representatives, WorldVentures events positively impact local economies through increased hotel, dining and activity spending. UNITED’s 7,401 attendees stayed an average of three nights for the event. According to Budget Your Trip, visitors to Los Angeles spend approximately $190 per person, per day, making an overall financial contribution of more than $4,218,570 to the economy in Los Angeles during the weekend of the event.

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