Rovia Gives Back to Puerto Rico

Team leaders from Rovia, an industry-leading travel and lifestyle service provider offering turnkey solutions for business partners and membership-based travel companies, joined more than 62 industry leading travel and tourism companies to give back to communities in Puerto Rico during “Tourism Cares Puerto Rico.” The service initiative is designed to rebuild communities, bring attention to the area and support Puerto Rico as a vibrant and viable travel destination.

“Focusing on rebuilding marginalized local farms near Yauco is tied to the financial and social welfare of this community, but also to the hopes and self-worth of people who call Puerto Rico home,” President of Rovia Jim Menge said. “Hurricane Maria devastated this area and families who live here are in need of relief that is foundational to their health and outlook. Thanks to the Tourism Cares initiative, Rovia volunteers have given back to a destination in need and will leave Puerto Rico with a different perspective of the community and culture.”

This three-day program focused on social impact, food sovereignty, sustainability, preservation, conservation, and rebuilding communities to increase and leverage tourism as an economic driver. Volunteers made an investment of time to work on projects that addressed post-disaster relief and economic insurgence.

“I’ve seen Puerto Rico through the lens of a traveler, industry veteran and volunteer,” Menge said. “I’ve gotten to meet industry leaders who care for the people here, who want to rebuild this place and who are committed to giving their time and talent to Puerto Rico today and tomorrow. This is an industry-wide effort and this event is an impressive milestone, but we’re not done yet, by far.”

To follow Tourism Cares Puerto Rico, use #WhenTourismCares on social media or visit

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