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New iPad Pro, MacBook Air, iPadOS 13.4, and more on the AppleInsider Podcast

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AppleInsider - Frontpage News     •     March 20, 2020, 12:19 pm
New models of iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard with Trackpad, iPadOS 13.4, new MacBook Air, and how to choose between all the new hardware for your next Apple purchase on the AppleInsider podcast.
It can be both fun and useful to order around the Google Assistant with simple commands like "Hey Google, turn on the lights" and see your words transformed into actions. Did you know, however, that…
When it comes to streaming hardware and services, there is certainly no shortage of options available out there. Many of them are quite similar in nature, but each of them offers something unique to…
Indeed Blog     •     March 20, 2020, 12:30 pm
A challenge like the coronavirus is unprecedented in modern times. Who would have thought even two weeks ago that we would all be where we are now, with borders closed, city centers in lockdown, and…
An NHS pharmacist told MailOnline there have been ongoing supply issues with the drug hydroxychloroquine, which Mr Trump said was showing 'very, very encouraging' prospects.

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