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Should you buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2020?

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Best answer: The Galaxy S9 is still fine a phone, and holds its own in 2020 thanks to its solid specs, great screen, and updated software that mostly matches the Galaxy S20. That makes it worth a…
Let's have a chat with the AC forums. In the Android space, there are some questions that will be debated until the end of time. Should you charge your phone overnight? Is wired or wireless…
Donald Trump is now asking for $850 billion or more from Congress in phase three of an economic stimulus package to combat the unstable economy during the coronavirus outbreak.
AppleInsider - Frontpage News     •     March 17, 2020, 12:58 pm
Code found in an iOS 14 leak indicates two of the three upcoming "iPhone 12" models will have a time-of-flight sensor, suggesting the non-pro model will not.
AppleInsider - Frontpage News     •     March 17, 2020, 12:39 pm
NBCUniversal will be offering people who can't go to the cinema the opportunity to watch new theatrical releases at home for $20 for two days, but it isn't yet clear if the features are coming to…

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