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USD Roll Over

USD Roll Over


Worked towards this moment for two years. 2018 was timid because of stronger USD bulls. This has caused this year to accumulate strength of other world economies and topped with greater volatility , not because of COVID imho. Although it did add some spice to the soup of spaghetti on this chart and ignited early acceleration of USD devaluation this year, leaving more room for the opposing currencies to regain and overthrow the king. FED must have seen this coming. Good luck USD bulls! Don't forget, the cycling of an economy and its currency is trivial to its core operation..

Stock markets are drawing a whipsaw in the middle of this earlier marked period of time, the mid of August, month of the UJ season.

Oil is ready to hyperinflate products and services worldwide imho. Bitcoin is almost ready to be another safe haven for USD devaluation, see my other idea on its correlation with Gold . Commodities appreciate in general, like all USD quoted assets. Prices will go up people. No reason to stock because there is an unlimited supply of USD, or not? Ask the FED ;)

Correlation between USD strength and stock markets is fading. Funds are already been taken out of the stock market. The Japanese pension fund, one of the largest in the world, will also have started. Wait for the JPY dip as it drops because of strong correlation with USD at the start of the season, then expect JPY appreciation because of international capital flows.

This season should end near December, if nothing unexpected happens such as a COVID wave 2 or Big Short II, because then it may stretch into 2011 and glue that season at the back as well.

Let the market float people otherwise it will bite you in the butt..

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