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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Bitcoin: Riding a Bull Only Takes 8 Seconds

Bitcoin: Riding a Bull Only Takes 8 Seconds

Cryptocurrency isn't something you should have faith in. You should understand that this market is subject to "3E": Embrace-Extend-Extinguish and is currently in the "Extinguish" phase. There is nothing decentralized about today's cryptocurrency.

Crypto is mostly a tool that provides blood to the Chinese Communist Party, and subsequently, its days are as numbered as the Party's is. It is also a tool for funding communist-anarcho groups like Antifa and some other Marxists running wild. Crypto will soon be put down, just like a rabid, scabied dog.

Regardless, it's time for a ride south before $14k and $15k are taken out. After that, prepare your parachutes, for it's the end of the end and institutional support for this market will be withdrawn. $100k BTC is simply never going to happen.

Time for a cold shower.

Whoever has faith in cryptocurrency is a fool. Bitcoin is not gold . Bitcoin is iron pyrite. Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum are even worse trash. Nobody in this world will ever use them for anything besides making scams to rip people off and bring enormous sin upon themselves.

There's a reason the Forex markets and gold and silver markets are billions and trillions of dollars liquid. That is because they are the human race's currency.

Internet meme coins are for morons who have poor morals to lose all their money in.

Still, there's a market being made. Be careful being bearish below $9,800 and be careful being bullish above $10,600. The makers are about to work at feverish pace to finish up their strategies before Wuhan Pneumonia spreads like the Oregon and California wildfires and tyranny from the socialist Democrats you, yourselves, elected ensues.

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