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Cheng Lei, catalyst of AUDUSD fall in price ?

Cheng Lei, catalyst of AUDUSD fall in price ?

If you have missed the first short opportunity, fret not. Here is another selling opportunity. In the world of forex, many things can affect the currency prices. Some are saying the recent China-Australia tension is causing the tumble while others believe it is a healthy correction.

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How a country handle its political leadership is crucial. A wrong move can not only harm its own domestic economy but the unspoken message that is delivered to its people on how things are handled. Kids picked up from role models, mainly the parents who either buy into what the leaders are saying and doing and later in life form their own opinion about the other country. Is it fair ?

Well, we have to make the best of everyday and see things from a positive side and not let too much media hype affect our thinking and decisions in life. Take it with a pinch of salt and not delve too deep into it else you may find yourself burrowing from one rabbit hole to the next one.

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