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how to catch massive pips, and countertrend

how to catch massive pips, and countertrend


So i banked a great deal of pips going in the direction of the trend.... my bias is BULLISH . to a target of 29750-3000... don't say i didnt tell ya!!! but as you can see we are looking at a possible retracement. So understanding the PRINCIPLES OF FOREX or the trading market, you are still able to trade in both directions. Look at the higher time frames to get the bigger and true picture of what the market is doing and then go to a lower time frame and grab the pips. I had intended to stay in the buy trade until, i reached my target, but at the same time, you MUST have the mindset of taking what the market gives you and being content with that. So i took my profit and now have entered a sell. I will reenter the trade for a buy when i see the signal.

Being able to trade BOTH DIRECTIONS regardless of the trend is a goal i think every trader should try to master. As it will be a sign that you understand the breath and width of the market and no matter where it is, you can profit from it. Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts

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