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Friday, January 01, 2021

Big Timeframe short on NZDUSD

Big Timeframe short on NZDUSD


AdamHansNBS Forex Rules

1.0 Trade Process

First Phase
Find supply and demand in daily/h4 draw a line or box
Find pattern(quasimodo/HNS/KING/Engulf) in h1/m15 HIGHER BETTER, snr in area snd of (1)
The setup sl must below 40 pips / Ratio 1:2 above (DEPENDS ON TIMEFRAME AND CHANGE LOT SIZE WHEN SL IS BIGGER)
Plot everything on the chart and mark the setup
Entry and forget (Stop loss and Take Profit is compulsory)

Second Phase
Almost hit tp set be
Do house work or Backtest ss or go productive

Third Phase
Hit Sl and lost 2% from capital stop trade for the rest of the day
Hit tp and reach target also stop trade for the rest of the day
Extra Profit withdraw or transfer to account wallet

2.0 Type of Account Money Management

2.1 Account Control Money Management ( CMM )

Risk 1-3% recommended for 2% from capital per day trade
Leverage 1:30 or below so we not using over lot size
Target 5% to 30% per month and withdraw the amount that exceed 30% profit
When current day have lost reach 3% or 2% Stop Trading for the rest of the day

2.2 Account Full Margin ( FM )

Only trade 1 pair
Never use stop loss
Preferable using extra profit capital
Gold , Silver , GBPUSD , GBPJPY
Setup Quasimodo, Kink King

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