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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

EUR/AUD: Continue of the downtrend; bearish signal!!!

EUR/AUD: Continue of the downtrend; bearish signal!!!

Euro / Australian Dollar FOREXCOM:EURAUD

In this analysis in H8 timeframe, it's so beautiful just to find down a good profit in Forex. So, I have calculated that EUR/AUD it's going to down toward the $1.54 AUD. So, that will be not good for the Euro .

So, I follow the trend, that always it's my friend.


Daily chart it's so bearish too!!!


In the past, EUR/AUD was into this bullish channel and then, was break down in weekly chart and we starting a new bearish trend if you trade in intraday maybe in H4 timeframe it's very good.


And looking in monthly tiimeframe, I see that EUR/AUD it's more bearish and we can to see in the future down price toward the $1.43 AUD

If you like this analysis, you can to share my analysis with your friends, traders and more and have any plan and idea of this short position.

Remember: I'm more enfocous in the world of cryptocurrency, but in sometimes I make technical analysis in commodities , index and Forex, my own pars to trade. But I trade more cryptocurrency becuase I believe that I'm so speciality in it. And not just in the volatile market that I'm a crack make analysis on Bitcoin or Ethereum , maybe I can to trade in other volatile market like stocks, gold , silver and others. But yes, I like and love to trade Forex to know the situation of the central bank , interest rate and know the sitation of the rest of economies. I like Forex after of trade cryptocurrencies. Because I'm so fan on cryptocurrencies to trade and it's one of my first market to trade and most prefered.

So, in summary we see a bearish trend and I see that EUR/AUD it's going to down. I put a sell order limit at $1.5748 AUD with a SL at $1.5810 AUD or 60 pips and my targe will be $1.5434 AUD or 315 pips.

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