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Wednesday, January 13, 2021




ok traders

I want to go over this pattern and correct the miseducation of it so you can be able to profit from it in the way they don’t want you to do.

So first thing you must do is disregard what the text books tells you on how to trade it cuz most of the time you’ll get stomp. Why ? They’ll job is to stomp you for their orders

Second I want you to understand that the head in shoulder is the most unforgiving pattern and the one that traps the most traders as it is a 8 pivotal pattern while the m or w are 5.
Every swing leads to a retracement even at the necktie. And the beauty about it in their eyes is that it’s hard to see it coming until the right shoulder is developed.

Now next I want you to understand that all patterns are counter reversal besides the pennant /Flags, macro rounded bottoms divergence w and m only this means your wedges head n shoulders , triangles and all that jazz are counter reversal . Why? Cus they are made in market weakening unlike pennants /flags they are made when the market is strong. Ex you won’t see a real flag in the later waves or at a top of a trend but you’ll see them in the middle or beginning when the strength is strong and it’s this strength that causes price to rise not the consolation of the pattern. So what do counter reversal means? It means that price usually don’t continue in the direction of the breakout thus price would usually fake the move or complete it only to go up higher afterward.

Now with this all being said and without other indications when we see these patterns we must understand that the trend isn’t reversing yet but we need to be prepared for it. As I’d learnt from countless examinations that the ONLY Real reversal pattern that actually causes a market to change it direction is the DOUBLE TOPS and they are always spaced out after a period of retracement when the market correction itself and then try to stir out the pervious high and this takes weeks or months as this shows the market failed to go higher.
now note I’ll give you a heads up and ex of what I mean. I did a post on usdj I’ll link it here.
Now most traders think it’s in a downtrend. WRONG! the market is in a range and it been do for 11 weeks. It’s just macro so you don’t see it or feel it unless you zoom out! This means that market is shifting position. So again head n shoulders don’t reversal a market and this pair just recently started to range, so remember this as you trade it. 💎

Alright now that we are proper educated on the head and shoulders . How do we trade it correctly?
Well it involves around being patient at the necktie. The break of the necktie isn’t your entry this is the text book entry thatll get you ate . And your sl isn’t above the right shoulder as the market will wick up there often plus the distance from the necktie to the right shoulders is too much space to leave your account open for market manipulation man! Believe me keep your sl tight and work or market timing. When this or right your sl will be respected tight and this just requires patience, knowing what the market is doing and the ability to see the stop hunts but you won’t see them if you quick to rush. Learning market movement is imperative and you won’t miss any pips cuz the market repeat itself over and over!

NOW let’s continue
So the necktie is the grave yard. You’ll see the market go up n dwn in and out all through it stopping ppl left in right. Stay away!
I’m going to give you this advice also. Stay out the middle of price and trade the outside.
What’s at the outside.? The outside are the extremes where the market corrected its movements back toward the center!
So here we can see from the trendline the outside as the market turned back to the center
Now what we do is we let the necktie break and wait for the pullback into the outer extremes.
Why? When we learnt to sale when price breaks the necktie.

1. The first real break will Fail and price will pullback making another shoulder
2. We should limit entering the market in the middle and enter off of failure . failure usually happens at extremes .

So price rarely would break the necktie if it’s not overbrought . Why? Well we must remember what the necktie actually is. It’s a strong supportive area that stopped price from selling during the pivot turns. So now to think it will just break on low momentum isn’t logically but we are not taught to use logic in trading. Now notice on the mom indicators I have below . Price isn’t at an extreme but we are at the necktie and the mom is to the upside so this meaning that price still isn’t ready

So now what we want is to see the market show us that the current price is not wanted.
How will this look like?
So we let it fake break out . Pullback making another shoulder at the extreme trendline and we want to see overbrought on the next lower timeframe or doji and small candle ranges in the second right shoulder. If we don’t see these then the whole move was a fake. And here is where we’ll enter as this area will also be the area where the market retraced to hit those sl order of retail trader that sold the necktie

Dropping priceless info in all my post and giving you what is missing the WHY!

for those looking to invest in the market as these times the market is providing positions of untestable entries as most markets are changing direction and this happens once a decade
I have positions available to trade and monitor for you. I’ll coach you through and explain the trade in depth via zoom. Serious injuries plz
as I’ll monitor n will place them in their position out of the selective pairs that I’d followed and know their agendas I’ll walk them through the set up from the start of the pair so they’ll know and understand. Also education method is additional or separate
Like learn follow become educated

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