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Thursday, January 14, 2021



Bitcoin / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

Again I’m here giving you what to expect on your pair as I did so accurately all WEEK every turn I’d called out before the market did it. I’m not bragging I’m here to teach you how to be proactive and to become that better trader you want to be by CORRECTING MISEDUCATION.

So please read my recent post on Bitcoin as I’d linked all the prior post there for your education and the accuracy of the analysis. Yet, I’ll let one here that correlates to what will happen next

I’d taken the duty to trade this pair after reading many post about their isn’t no support or resistance etc over the weekend as I’m not a coin trader but once’s I’d looked I’d seen what these top authors yal adhere too so blindly and follow. I taken it upon myself to trade coin everyday this week and called out EVERY MOVE and most importantly I gave you what is missing the WHY. So you don’t have to like my work but you’ll remember !!
Without any recaps let’s talk about what we have.

So at the top we have a star pattern. A star pattern criteria never is taught so let’s start there
1. There must be long wick at the spinning top
2. (Gap really happen in forex so this is disregarded as a criteria)
3. The should be a trap high on the bearish candle or a dark cloud candle
4. Most important the bearish candle Body MUST penetrate up to 50% of the bullish body- yes measure it cus forex is notorious for stopping traders who don’t understand patterns

Now from the linked post I showed how to find support and resistance within the market and liquidity zone and which the market sold there.
Again the complete walk through is on my most recent BTC post with all links - must read!
So now here the star is always supportive and resistance. There are seller there as I’d explained the why in this link below.
Now also I want you to understand that the market created a reason to retrace as these huge hammer wick are nothing but liquidity for the players.

Why? It shows an area where both traders where trapped. This is how wicks are made! This means that the market made a correction there. A correction don’t mean a continuation or reversal it mean the market corrected itself from trailing traders. The market clears up orders as they need this for ease of movement . And I’d also said this should happen warned about the fake head shoulders and explained WHY.
NOW From price action point of view as I just did the psychology hammer in any up
Trend isn’t a strong trend, the more macro the weaker. It’s show bearish isstrength not bullish strength!

Cus it shows that the bears was able to penetrate low into the bulls trading range that the bears was able to halt them as the burden of proof is on the bulls cuz this is a bullish market

. Thus with a deeper correction below based off the liquidity made here and with the bearish order area any higher high attempt without this correction is like building a house on wet sand for yal investors that are looking to get back into the bull trend. Protect you entry


for those looking to invest in the market as these times the market is providing positions of untestable entries as most markets are changing direction and this happens once a decade
I have positions available to trade and monitor for you. I’ll coach you through and explain the trade in depth via zoom. Serious injuries plz
as I’ll monitor n will place them in their position out of the selective pairs that I’d followed and know their agendas I’ll walk them through the set up from the start of the pair so they’ll know and understand. Also education method is additional or separate
Like learn follow become educated

from Trading Ideas
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