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Monday, March 08, 2021

crv usdt looks bullish fantastic buy opportunity

crv usdt looks bullish fantastic buy opportunity


Look at CRV ysdt chart 4H chart its sqeezing between these 2 trendlines I believe at 2.00 USD is fantastic buy opportunity 2.00 first is round number and psyhologival level
many many traders put orders with round nuumbers maybe only because they lazy put multiple numbers and for sake of simplicity, then we have fibonacci line very close plus trend line if it breaks upper trendline be ready for big profits 3.00 easy with futures trading 10X its 300% profit!!! This is insane thats why I like crypto with forex you wait years for pair price to increase by 30% with crypto it can happen in days. And technical analysis works exactly same i have feeling even better as in forex. In forex is too many manipulatons but in crypto with smaller coins I have feeling its less manipulated. Odds are very decent for this long. Put SL around 1.9 area

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