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Thursday, April 01, 2021

Requested update; As per previous posts

Requested update; As per previous posts


Had a few comments & requests regarding the last couple of BTC calls - see this imparticular;

Bitcoin - They blew up the rocket?

I am 100% Bullish on the tech as a whole, but to move on up we should expect a corrective move. This as per the last calls shows how and why we are going about it. In terms of updates to that post and the couple before it please see below;

Starting with the monthly view;

Then the weekly;

And into the daily;

We have supporting COT data going back to the beginning of this year;
Please excuse poor drawings taking from our tool outside of Tradingview & couldn't copy exactly.

See below-related idea links;

➀ Institutional Bitcoin - Long overall
➁ Merriment - showing how these moves can be playing by the rules as of this first real move
➂ Buying the dips - This is exactly the kind of idea to scale in further on the move down
Bitcoin Buffoonery - further examples of why the short move is here
➄ They blew up the rocket - exact levels (as they played out) showing the respect
➅ Alt coins view (a little different)

I hope this makes sense to the people who followed the last posts and saw the levels play out. We are still in the move 4 down which is more than likely going to be a slow, messy, complex wave.

This idea does not constitute as financial advice. It is for educational purposes only, our principle trader has over 20 years’ experience in stocks, ETF’s, and Forex. Hence each trade setup might have different hold times, entry or exit conditions, and will vary from the post/idea shared here. You can use the information from this post to make your own trading plan for the instrument discussed. Trading carries a risk; a high percentage of retail traders lose money. Please keep this in mind when entering any trade. Stay safe.

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