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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

EURUSD Watch out for probable cross thrust up

EURUSD Watch out for probable cross thrust up


The Marketmiracle advisor generated a LONG input signal on the EURUSD cross at the price of 1.22186 with target 1.26

Although for the forex is very particular this kind of oscillations analyzing the graph and the market pressures induced from the great players it is noticed as effectively it is a moment in which there is a consistent pressure upwards ( see yellow waves on Mmiracle Viewer)

Considering this the forecast made by the advisor could actually be realized, obviously everything depends also on the macroeconomic information that could as usual change everything.

This idea is based on a signal generated by the advisor Marketmiracle, scroll the page to find the link to the free page of the signals of the advisor that you can consult without any cost and without registration.

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