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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

short BTC now from 45900

short BTC now from 45900


Im seeing lot of BTC inflow this night 01 .25 so after everyone bought 42K dip we came now 3 times to 42K area and one time exactly to 2 dollars like my idea 42001 binance my idea was 41999 how cool is that??
Now I see medium big BTC inflow after last drop to 42500 AFTER so I really expect another drop and this time it will destroy all longers and SL we may go to 36500
I know its bad news but we have 2 buttons to make money in crypto long and short not sure why 99% crypto traders forgot about it... in forex we long and short equally
if you opened some position at 42K fine but keep sl tight below 41500 or at entry and same if you bought other coins keep SL at entry or little bit below. Because if come deeper we go much deeper
If I was whale I would do exactly like they do now push price to 42K several time so people put lot of longs there thinking now its major support and then with flash crash destroy all of them liquidate and buy super cheap BTC we not done yet unfortunately if it start come down I update more on targets for short but 50% close at 43100 rest keep open till 38K SL 46700
maybe im too late but it can come to this level I will check weekly ema now this would be perfect for short also
another entry 46258 it super logical simply its weekly 21 EMA which is broken and could be retested now for down move

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