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Monday, June 07, 2021

FCPO TRADING : 288)sideway market--boring yet dangerous

FCPO TRADING : 288)sideway market--boring yet dangerous

this is haidojo and the number is 288 ...

after hovering for about one week at the strong support 3876, price rebounded frm bottom and reached 4080 new support.
However, the price is still in sideway...either it will retest higher resistance ranging frm 4200-4260, break abv it, and retest 4420-4520...
OR, the price could move downward to strong support 3876, 3640...
why is the sideway market is boring and at the same time, dangerous? well, the explanation is easy.
boredom trades. which is the condition when u trade juz for filling ur time, and not bcox u have competitive advantage over the market.
which means, u trade bcox u think u are not doing anythg, and that is a waste of time...we could easily develop this mentality when we work for other ppl at first, bcox as an employee, we supposingly trade our time for money...and subconsciously, we bring that mentality into trading...
which is a bad boredom trades will bring devastating consequence...
that's all for tdy ...if u are frm malaysia, be safe, stay at home...

*plan your trade and trade your plan... gud luck*

higher resistance : 4486-4525 (new record and the highest point since 2008)

resistance : 4200-4260

immediate support : 4070-4080

lower support : 3876

: this is juz a trading stocks, futures or forex might incur a huge risk to your account/funds…DON’T LOSE MONEY THAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD…any idea(s) of trading in this episode SHALL NOT be regarded as a hint of BUYING or SELLING. It is MERELY a trading journal and it has been used for educational purpose only… trade at your own risk!

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