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Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Forex Student: June 2nd - Analysis on UJ - Daily

Forex Student: June 2nd - Analysis on UJ - Daily

I know it looks crazy but cut me some slack.... I admit I am not on the charts as much as I need to be. This helps me remember what I saw so I can study this move and reflect.

Now that we've cleared that up. My analysis is on the Daily - UJ is in a strong bullish move to the upside.

I see major confluence on my other indicators. now just going to the lower time frames to see what's going on inside the box of the current market and when to enter. I am looking for it to move to the upside and break out of the box creating another HH or continue down to 61.8% level then move to the upside creating another HH.

Overall trend: Bullish , waiting for the HL to break out of the box.

I believe it will move a good 100 pips to the upside.

Feedback is would be greatly appreciated. Tips and advice also welcome.

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