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Sunday, July 11, 2021

AMD - swing trading idea

AMD - swing trading idea

AMD: Here's another stock for a nice swing trade ... there are so many opportunities. My watchlist is full:D The big dow, nasdaq & snp companies offer many options for trading stocks. I would recommend such companies for the watchlist. Liquidity is an important factor. Not that many gaps, a clear chart structure and highly capitalized companies are important factors for successful trading with stocks (especially with LEVERAGE).

You can make it very easy for yourself: add the 30 largest companies from the s & p, nasdaq and dow to your watchlist. There are ALWAYS possibilities there. Personally, I prefer to trade the indices and the forex market. Accordingly, I don't have to search so much;) But sometimes I also trade stocks..but I never TRADE small caps. Small caps are for a buy & hold position imo.

AMD chart:
- nice breakout formation
- Corrective movement in a higher-level wave IV completed
- 5 wave impulses to the upside
- Wave (i) could now be finished
- all sub-waves have reached a logical target (fibo levels)
- now correction in a wave (ii)
-> Logical target around 83 - 77 USD
+ often the market goes back to the breakout trendline (that's what I call the kiss & goodbye scenario)
--> end this is our entry

The rest should be understandable. 95.51 - 99.30 are each important levels. Target 118 USD.

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