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Saturday, July 24, 2021

πŸ“ S&P500: weekly forecast for July 26 - 30.

πŸ“ S&P500: weekly forecast for July 26 - 30.


New US Commodity Futures Trading Commission reports overall market volume up 1%, confirming the overall strength of the stock market.
πŸ“Œ According to the current CoT reports, the buying preponderance has decreased by 38%, indicating a likely continuation of corrective impulse decreases during the new trading week as well.
A 7% increase in investors' locked positions suggests a flattening of the asset in the price corridor during the coming trading week.
In case of an additional test of the week's balance (4335.0), we expect an impulsive rise to the hedge resistance level (4450.4).
πŸ’‘ On breakdown and fixation above the price level of 4450.4 we expect a subsequent rise to market maker loss (4477.8).
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