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Monday, July 26, 2021

Sleep like a baby...

Sleep like a baby...


And I don't mean, up every hour crying!

The logic is in the price action, many people are already calling for the moon. It won't be that easy, I can assure you!

If you have followed along with our streams, you would have seen the Weis wave logic and the count as per the Elliott wave day ranges.

Here's the simplified logic showing the range of days.

If this isn't enough to give you some comfort, how about this?
We have been making lower highs and lows since our ATH ...

Don't get me wrong, I am not all doom and gloom - and for you perma bulls, I have been Bullish BTC Since 2011. But recognise the market sometimes needs a correction, I have written several posts on buying the dip and even a roadmap to our current location.

Bitcoin Roadmap - Elliott Monthly
See date of post. And to update this, see below;



See the logic from the 18th of March as to why we were in distribution (related ideas) They blew up the rocket.
This was the schematic in simple form. With current price action nearing it's low.

We also posted several educational pieces on the Wyckoff schematic.
Wyckoff basics explained
Click the image to take you to the post.

Above is the local schematic formed and this could easily fit the profile for a nice UTAD type move.


Course I talk to myself because sometimes I need expert advice

Composite man (Wyckoff related) is having a laugh and will play the games, until he is ready.

So whilst this might upset some Bulls, confuse some bears. The logic is there to help. It's been an interesting day today!

Trade safe!

This idea does not constitute as financial advice. It is for educational purposes only, our principle trader has over 20 years’ experience in stocks, ETF’s, and Forex. Hence each trade setup might have different hold times, entry or exit conditions, and will vary from the post/idea shared here. You can use the information from this post to make your own trading plan for the instrument discussed. Trading carries a risk; a high percentage of retail traders lose money. Please keep this in mind when entering any trade. Stay safe.

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