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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Trade 3 Steps (Step #2 Enter Order)

Trade 3 Steps (Step #2 Enter Order)


Entry orders are a valuable tool in Forex trading. Traders can have a great trading plan, but if they can’t execute that plan effectively, all their hard work might as well be thrown out the window. This is where setting up Forex entry orders comes into play. Entry orders allow traders to set price that they would like to buy or sell a currency ahead of time. Only be executed if that specific price is hit. There are several benefits to trading Forex using entry orders.


A Forex entry order is an order that is placed at a specified price level for a currency pair. Once this price is reached, the order is then executed/filled. If the price never reaches the desired price level, the order will not execute. The type of order can vary as well, which should be taken into consideration prior to placing the Forex order.

1. Price Control- The first benefit of entry orders is the control they provide over price level. Traders can indicate their desired price level entry point at which the trade will execute. Having this ability to designate a level allows for ease of trading without having to constantly monitor the market.
2. Entry Orders Save Time-Forex entry orders are very useful for saving time. By setting one, traders do not need to be at a computer when a trend line is hit or when price breaks out of its price channel . Traders can very easily add an entry order to get in the trade if price behaves in the way he/she thinks it will. The order does the waiting and allows traders to focus on other things.
3. Better Money Management- Forex entry orders help to save money. To understand this better, consider how much time traders dedicate to trading each day.
4. Accountability-Forex entry orders (with stops and limits attached) also help keep traders accountable. This is because they eliminate the possibility of emotions getting in the way of reliable, profitable trades, and make sure traders are following the rules to the latter.
5. Support Trading on a Time Frame-Trading on a custom time frame can allow for more specified trades that could be in line with upcoming market news, political events or company results depending on what market is being traded. Traders can stipulate the expiry period for the entry order:

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