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Monday, July 26, 2021

Tutorial | Lesson 1: How To Interpret & Trade Volume Profiles

Tutorial | Lesson 1: How To Interpret & Trade Volume Profiles

In this first in a 5 Part Video Idea Series, I cover the cleanest volume profile distribution that I've named the "Indian Arrow." This profile is best suited to support and resistance levels, and mean reversion trading within well establish channels.

Key Concepts:

1) Volume at price is very different from typical volume over time.
2) Be sure to read the Help Center article about the Visible Range profile before watching the video.
3) The point of control (POC) in the Indian Arrow is the target for longs entered at value area low (VAL) and/or shorts taken from value area highs (VAH).
4) The Visible Range script will display a dynamic profile based on the amount of data "visible" on your screen. In this video I'm looking at 8H candles.
5) Settings in this video for the Visible Range are most appropriate for futures , forex, and crypto products. Settings for equity profiles in a later video.

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