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Saturday, August 21, 2021

The Cashflow Game: by Robert Kiyosaki

The Cashflow Game: by Robert Kiyosaki


DId you hear the Cashflow Game?

What it's the Cashflow Game?

In my definition, the Cashflow Game it's a way to measure your financial education and how do you use the money?, how do you apply the knowledge and learningedge in your personal life?, What kind of education I should to get?, My own answer it's nothing of this answer. My best anwer it's that if you wan't to know the way to use your money, you will need to be auto-didactic and get your auto-learningedge in based your experience to have knowledge. You don't need any education what school or university show you to learn this cashflow game. Schools doesn't teached us about money, financial education, Forex, Bitcoin , cryptocurrency, personal and motivational development, and much more others theme that I know very well. School teached us about History, Arts, Math (Algebra, Trigonometry, basic math, etc...), Science (Natural Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science, etc..), Spanish, English, languages, sport, vocational courses, etc... But school never will teach you about financial education, money and how do you get a personal and motivational development, never and always the education system will be design to be corrupt and creating poor people without knowledge about financial education. the only subject not teached in the school.

That it's my perspective point to know very well this theme, and people don't ask about it.

Now, I wan't to make a step by step to discuss by part how it's work


If you want to learn about cashflow , the first step it's to get education, Don't go to the school to attent to show you this theme. As I said, school doesn't teach us about financial education. And you will need to be auto-didactic and get an alternative education what school teach. For example: reading books about best authors or best=-seller like Secrets of the Millonaire Mind, Rich Dad Poor Dad,etc... You can to find up books based in the personal or motivational development, you can to learn about finance, financial market, economy, psycology, any story or topic that you interesting, etc... You can to learn any languages. You will need to get medidate and exercise. One of my best point that I write in the rectangle it's the following: Your mind it's your main asset to invest in your knowledge. So, let's me see to say you one thing: People are inconscient about that your mind it's your main asset and this it's a way that nobody will teach you, and also school don't teach it. If you want to get an alternative education, you will need to invest in your own knowledge, and this will be alone, you will need to learn to be auto-didactic.

II. Investments:

This it's my favorite section. if you want to make any investment, there's a lot way that you can to get passive income, but to learn about investment, you will need an alternative education in the first section that you will need to be auto-didactic. I like the business, real estate. Also, the real estate it's one of the profitable business that Robert Kiyosaki do, and I want to apply it in the future. And assets are a good way to get profit when you invest in cryptocurrencies, Gold , Silver , Oil , Bitcoin , Shares by long term. Now, trading or investing in the financial market it's the popular in this era. They're trading in Forex, commodities , stock market and cryptocurrencies. Now, I have this way how I trade in each market. For example: I like to trade Forex with commodities ( Gold , Silver and Oil ) togethers. As I know that I do not trade Forex a lot and I trade cryptocurrency. But in the future, I hope to open up an account in USD to trade Forex and commodities togethers. I choose the commodities to trade with Forex togethers because Gold , Silver and Oil it's make movement with the globe economy and this it's a way how will affect by Forex market. Remember, Forex it's the largest financial market in the world, and more biggest than any financial market. For that, Forex it's a financial market that you can to negotiate with dollar, euro , pounds, Canadian Dollar , aussie, Yen, and anothers currencies. This it's one of my favorite market to know the situation of the economy in based the CPI , Inflation rates, jobs, economy activity and sectors, economical data and analytical. and much more to take in note. For that, Forex it's the main financial market in the world. Now, before I started with Forex market, and now I'm in cryptocurrencies. But more later, I will go back to trade Forex with Gold , Silver and Oil . One of my strategy that I made before it's to find up 15% weekly, and included until 20% weekly to management my money. But now, I thinking to change my goal when I going to start with Forex again and find up 30% monthly to change my expectative. 30% monthly it's very great to start and keep this plan to long term. Now, in the anotherhand, the cryptocurrencies it's one of my market that I love. Now, I decide to add the stock market (indices and some shares) to trade togethers with cryptocurrencies. One of my goal at the moment that I invest in cryptocurrency it's to find up 300% by year and keep this plan toward long term. And recently, I open up a third account just to make position trading to keep trades until weeks, months and included years in focus in cryptocurrencies and stock market. I dont have any % like goal, it's a way to use it to keep this position so toward long term, but yes putting a target price that I believe that this asset will reach this price. For example: It's like to buy 4,000 ADA contract to $2 dollar and I believe in the future that Cardano will reach $100 USD, without matter how long time I keep this position trading toward long term?. But all based in the USD account to get dollars profits. But yes, I calculate my potential loss in SL, that I note very well, but I put the price that I believe that this asset will reach in the future without so late.

III. Use of Money:

The use of money it's a way to management your money creating your lifestyle using your money that you get in the market, business, asset or passive income. This it's very easily creating a plan to management your money by sections like saves, investments, jubilation, spends, emergency, health, etc.... You just need to determine the % that you want to put in each section. And also, the use of money require that you always follow the trend of money reading economical news, politics, commodities , cryptocurrencies, stock market if you have money into Gold , Silver , Bitcoin , Shares, etc... And also, reading Forex news it's important to leading the situation of the economy actual.

Guys, this is it. This it's a way to get a cashflow plan in your life. If you like this educational content, I invite you to share this analysis with traders, enthusiastic, experts, or friends that should to know this educational content of the high quality.

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