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Sunday, August 01, 2021

Trade ideas

Trade ideas


Past cycle action will not repeat. We're not going to see 80-90% drops. Ask the billionaires like Michael Saylor, they are flat out telling you it won't happen. Too many institutional strong hands and too much money is entering the space. You have to have the situational awareness of what's happening before assuming anything. What's happening right now has never happened previously and you can't expect a different approach to this market to yield the same results it has done in the past. If we're talking about all these alts, then yes...all the garbage is going to drop hard. This is Bitcoin and Ethereum's game from an institutional perspective. The Sushi's, pancake's and whatever Binance garbage that's getting all the hype right now will not survive in the long run...especially if they ignore governmental requirements (I'm talking to you .you can write RitaspenserFX. At Telegram app , They maid me understand more about the Stock and Bitcoin guys they’re Supper Good in all of this Forex trade and all of it

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