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Sunday, September 05, 2021

Aussie pairs are trending

Aussie pairs are trending


I strictly trade the daily chart for 28 currency pairs ( aka The No Nonsense Forex way). My system is based on a combination of indicators that objectively tells me to go long or short using technical analysis . I used MT4 as my platform of choice but I decided to create a paired down version of my algorithm on TradingView. It's showing that AUDCAD has begun a bullish trend . I actually entered a position on September 1st and now I'm only 12 PIPs away from my target profit. All of the other Aussie pairs I took a position on have hit my target profits (respectively). I scale out of every position by taking all but one micro-lot (0. 01 ) of profit to let it ride the trend as long as it can.

from TradingView Ideas
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