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Monday, November 01, 2021

Lesson 1 II What is The Forex Trading ?

Lesson 1 II What is The Forex Trading ?


In this short lesson, we learn what the forex market is!

The forex market is the currency trading market, in which you can buy and sell currencies against each other and profit from the price differences,,

Simply put, all people have used forex, when you go to an exchange shop while you are traveling to a foreign country, to change your currency for the currency of the country, this process is called forex

You can start in the forex market starting from $ 50 and you can make a profit, but you must learn first

Some Details For Forex Market :
- Daily Volume Trading 6.6 Trillion $
- You Can Start From 50$
- You Trading From Home - Phone - Labtop - Ipad
- Forex Market Work 5 Days In Week 24 Hour's
- We Work In Forex With Leverage ,, So U Can Make Profit From Little Capital And we Will Make Lesson For Explain The Leverage .

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Happy Trading

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