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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Waiting for third low to enter Bullish in Bitcoin

Waiting for third low to enter Bullish in Bitcoin


Hello to the best traders in the world ,

My name is Amir. I needed to explain to you before I started working on the Trading View platform. I am 23 years old. I studied experimental sciences in high school and at that time my goal was to get a veterinary degree for my future job. Something happened in my life and I changed the course of my life completely. I entered the world of trading for the first time with binary trading. I saw training courses and practiced a lot until I finally realized that binary trading is equal to gambling !!
From here, my trading path changed to Price Action, Forex Trading and Crypto Trading. I started Price Action with the books of my dear master Al Brooks. (Three books called: Trends - Reversals - Trading Ranges)
I have studied other styles such as ICT and Order flow but at the end, considering my personality, my mood, Al Brooks style was the best style for me. Price Action Al Brooks is exactly the advanced style of classical technical analysis . Topics such as:
Channels, Trading Ranges, Breakouts, Bullish / Bearish Momentums, Price Climaxes, Pullbacks and...
It is taught in this style. It has been almost 4 years since these events.
The pairs I trade with today:
And in the field of crypto, I am mostly a holder, but I also trade in some of the market currencies that have a high market cap ( Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin ).
Here I want to share my analysis in the fields of Forex and Crypto, discuss them and finally be profitable together.
Being in the trading community is very pleasant ...

**This is not an investment advice. Your capital might be at risk.**
Give me your idea on comments...
Good Luck...

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