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Friday, December 31, 2021

BTC'$ Bullish analysis

BTC'$ Bullish analysis


As you can see in this picture I show that Btc has a Bullish trend and it can start to rise quickly right after the 5th of January but if it breaks the resistances at the bottom then yeah you know what I mean.... but I personally dont think that will happen because of btcs bull cycles which technically indicate that 2022 is also a big year for crypto especially since more people are getting attracted to owning a crypto coin and making money which was a thing before investing, so now we have new money coming in which leads to a higher crypto market cap, but anyways load up on your BTC ETHEREUM DOGECOIN XLM XRP SAND SHIBA UNI DOGELON MARS AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST MY LOWKEY FAVORITE ETH3S

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